Christian Louboutin Just Used A Plus-Size Model

Clementine Desseaux just made fashion history by becoming the first plus-size model to front a campaign for Christian Louboutin – a serious step forward for such a high fashion brand that would usually favour the same breed of super slim model.

The luxe label posted an Insta vid a few days ago of Clementine showing off one of the brand’s lipsticks. “Such a big French brand using a curvier girl for her face is a big step,” the model told the Daily Mail.

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She went on to add, “The beauty norm is changing and differences that used to be weaknesses are now turning into strengths. They are opening up to all the beauty that is in the world and not only the European, blonde, skinny, white woman type.”

Clemence Desseaux Clemence Desseaux in a sexy shoot.

It indeed marks a significant departure from the usual type of model that a brand like Louboutin would use. This is the first time since the label was founded – that’s 14 years ago – that they have used a plus-size model in a campaign.

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Louboutin are not alone in the move towards using more real women. Marc Jacobs put Beth Ditto on the catwalk last season and Clementine priases both brands for “leading the way” in a change that needs to happen.

“The tide is turning and it is about time. Louboutin now needs to be recognised for their giant leap and women need to get behind such a big statement and join the body positive movement. We need to push more high fashion brands, and commercial brands, to use curvier women in their campaigns and start representing women of all sizes.”

As the model quite rightly points out, this kind of development is not just big news for plus-size models, but is a significant leap for real women everywhere and – hopefully – a sign of great things to come.

Watch Clementine in the Instagram video here.