Chrissy Teigen’s New Hair Hair Has Caused A *Huge* Debate

After famously cutting her long golden locks into a Lob last year, new mum Chrissy Teigen has cut her hair short yet again.

Only this time, there’s far more the story.

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Having recently given birth to her first daughter Luna, who’s now just over a month old, Chrissy decided it was time to recruit celeb hairstylist Jen Atkin for a post-baby hair overhaul.

She’s been rocking super long tresses for some time now, so you can imagine our surprise when Jen revealed Chrissy’s brand new shorter ‘do on Instagram!

Chrissy Teigen hair


After saying goodbye to her long weave on Snapchat, Chrissy showed off a brand new shoulder length look in Jen’s Insta snap.

But before you call it a Lob, take note of Jen’s caption!

This, people, is absolutely not a Lob – even though yes, we do agree that it looks a fair bit like a long, slightly outgrown, choppy bob, aka a Lob.

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But no, no, according to Jen, this is actually a ‘Don’t cut the front’ chop. The name, she says, is the brainchild of fellow hair expert, colourist Marie Harmon.

To make it super clear, she even included the hashtag #NotALob in her post!

Have you got the memo?

Chrissy Teigen hair Chrissy’s no stranger to shorter locks! Image: Instagram/Chrissy Teigen


But while Chrissy’s #NotALob ‘Don’t cut the front’ chop has gone down a storm with her fans – it really does look great – some are claiming that they’ve seen it all before.

With its graduated angle, the chop has reminded plenty of hair lovers of this well known haircut…

Victoria Beckham Pob haircut


Yes, the POB!

Victoria Beckham famously chopped her long locks into this short and sharp graduate bob back in 2006, and has pretty much owned the graduated haircut ever since.

Now, we know Chrissy’s ‘do is a lot longer, but it does share a lot of similarities.

Regardless of what we’re calling it though, we do love Chrissy’s new locks

Happy new hair ‘do!

By Amy Lewis