Chrissy Teigen sports a gorgeous quiffed ponytail

Chrissy Teigen Sleek Quiff Ponytail At The Emmy Awards

Chrissy Teigen can really do no wrong in the style stakes. And now she’s won our hearts as a beauty goddess too. Over the weekend Chrissy was spotted at the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles supporting her husband John Legend, and she seriously looked the part. Dressed in a plunging V-neckline black dress that skimmed just past her knees, and killer black stappy heels. But it was her hair look that we couldn’t stop talking about on the Beauty Desk. Chrissy’s made an every day ponytail that little bit more chic with the help of a perfectly coiffed quiff which twisted back and around the base of her pony.

Chrissy Teigen showcases the back of her ponytail Clever! Chrissy’s twisted the ends of her quiff into her ponytail


Want to know how to get the look? Here are our top tips, the products you need and the style tricks we swear by in getting Chrissy’s gorgeous quaffed ponytail:

Step 1: Section off the front of your hair, from temple-to-temple in a V-shape to create the quiff.

Step 2: Pull all the hair (apart from the front section) back into a high ponytail and secure with a bobble.

Step 3: Backcomb the front section you’ve left out to give it some height, then smooth it back with the side of a backcombing brush.

Step 4: Pin the quiff just above the ponytail with some Kirby grips, then twist the ends of the leftover hair around the bobble from your ponytail, and pin in place.

Step 5: A little bit of hairspray around the back and sides, will help keep fly-aways from bouncing out.

Chrissy looking gorgeous at the Emmy Awards 2015 Chrissy’s whole look was on point at the Emmy Awards 2015


Want to know how to create more of Chrissy’s gorgeous hair looks…we’ll all you have to do is click right here. Yippee!