Chrissy Teigen Just Revealed Her Easy Pre-Holiday Skin Secret

Holiday – it’s your time to shine and bask in a sun-kissed glow! But if you need a little helping hand in the skincare department, fear not. Chrissy Teigen just revealed how she always looks gorgeous the minute she steps off the plane.

Spilling her secret on Instagram, the mdoel revealed that before touching down she gives her skin a moisturising boost using a fuss-free sheet mask. Especially handy for your hand luggage, since they won’t break the no-liquids rule.

Of course, Chrissy does have the advantage of a private jet where the rest of the holiday-going public can’t see what she’s getting up to, but if you’re willing to endure a tiny bit of awkwardness from those sitting near you in the pursuit of amazing skin, here’s what to do…

Chrissy pops a SK-II Facial Treatment Mask packet in her in-flight bag before boarding – see below if you can’t shell out on the celebrity favourite right now. They’re £60 for a pack of 6, or £86 for a pack of 10, available at



Once you’ve got comfy and the plane has taken off, give your skin a quick cleanse to remove make-up or any dirt/grime – face wipes might be best for this while you’re on a flight – and then pop your sheet mask on.

Sit back and relax while the serums get to work, and then once your time is up – each one is different, but most masks tend to need between 15 and 30 minutes – massage any excess serum into your skin. Drink plenty of water throughout the flight too, and once you land you’ll be fully hydrated and looking radiant.

Don’t forget a sheet mask selfie too!


Masque Bar Brightening Sheet Mask, £9.99 for a pack of three


Masque Bar Brightening Sheet Mask

Indeed Labs Hydraluron moisture boosting mask, £19.99 for a pack of four


Indeed Labs Hydraluron moisture boosting mask

Superdrug Spa Deep Cleansing 5 Minute Facial Sheet Mask, £1.29 for one


Superdrug Spa Deep Cleansing 5 Minute Facial Sheet Mask


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By Amy Lewis