Why Our Instagram Photos Aren’t What They Seem

We’ve probably all suffered from a touch of Instagram envy at some point.

Y’know what we’re talking about, that feeling you get when you see someone’s post and instantly feel ridiculously jealous of their life. It’s not nice, is it?

Perhaps they’re in an amazing location, or their make-up looks completely flawless.

They may be showing off their gym skills or giving you a tour of an impeccably-decorated bedroom.



But what we need to remember is that things probably *aren’t* as glossy for these Instagram pros as they seem.

There will have been numerous attempts at getting the right shot, some expert cropping, an added filter and plenty of tweaking with the edit tools.

Because if that’s what we’re doing (and we SO are), they’re definitely doing it too.

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This is exactly what one Bangkok-based photographer wants us to remember.

Chompoo Baritone has published a series of images showing the reality behind those picture-perfect Instagram snaps. And unsurprisingly, they aren’t as glam as they first appear.

She’s cleverly zoomed out of those little square posts, revealing unflattering clutter in the background and the natural unfiltered light.



Chompoo says her artwork is a comment on the #slowlife aesthetic, where people claim to be creating ‘art’ from the ordinary but are actually trying to be fashionable.

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‘What is “slow life” photography? Why is it good [or important]?,’ she writes on Facebook.

‘[It is a] trendy photographic practice that makes social commentary on current human behaviour. [It is a way of] intentionally taking artistic-looking photos with the end goal of getting praise.



‘In the end we just want to do it so that we are trendy. Just #slowlife.’

We think we could all do with taking a look at these pictures from time to time.