Chloe Lloyd: ‘I Love Having Strong And Successful Female Role Models’

When Thomas Sabo suggested we jet over to Berlin for a first spritz of their new perfume Eau De Karma, we couldn’t pack our bags quickly enough. A city break with a beauty twist? We’re there!

Then, we learnt it would be British model and face of the new fragrance Chloe Lloyd, introducing us to the scent. At just 22, and following in Georgia May Jagger’s footsteps (she is the current face for their jewellery range), she’s already landed campaigns with Maybelline, Schwarzkopf and The Body Shop, and is fast amassing an impressive following on Instagram and Twitter a la Ms Jagger. So naturally, we couldn’t wait for some face time with the industry’s Next-Big-Thing.

Hot off the plane, we slipped on the Indian khussa slippers compulsory for the zen-themed launch party – for which the dress code was an ethereal mix of blush and white, well and truly nailed by the model of the moment – and headed on over to the stunning riverside venue, just as the sun was setting over the Spree.

We thought our luck was in already! And then we met the striking Chloe Lloyd. But there’s more to this model than just her mega-watt smile…


So being the face of Eau De Karma is pretty exciting…

Yeah! I love how fresh the fragrance is. Fresh scents are kind of my thing, and when you spritz this on in the morning you just feel really clean and beautiful. I think it’s the sort of fragrance that everyone will enjoy. Personally, I’ve been wearing it day and night. The small bottle of Eau De Karma (there are two sizes) is so great for keeping in my handbag for top ups.

How do you keep your own karma in check?

I think you get back what you put out, so I always try to be a good person. When it comes to work, I think that if you want it really badly and you work hard, you’ll get that back too. I’ve actually got the word karma tattooed on my finger, I’ve had it for a while – this whole thing must have been predestined.

In an industry as tough as modelling, and with trolling being such an issue on social media, how do you deal with negativity?

I do get quite a lot of trolls on Twitter but I choose to ignore them, and I try to do the same in real-life. I think you shouldn’t care about what people who you don’t even know think of you. As long as the friends and family who are around you love you, then that’s all that matters. When people on social media are getting angry, negative or abusive, it says more about them than you. Especially when they don’t know you at all. You just have to learn to say, ‘you’re wrong, I’m great!’


You’re jetting all over the place at the moment, but when you get the chance to chill what’s your game plan?

Drinking lots of tea, watching the telly, chatting with my boyfriend [Union J’s Josh Cuthbert], or calling my best friend for a good catch-up. Ordering takeaway too obviously – Japanese is my fave.


You’ve been sharing plenty of bikini pics while on holiday! How do you stay fit and healthy?

Well I’ve got a gym two floors below me in my apartment building, so I kind of have to go! I have a personal trainer who helps me work out too, and I try to eat in a balanced way. My favourite healthy meal to cook is salmon and vegetables. I never overdo the gym because I don’t actually like it, so I just do as much as I need to stay balanced.

What’s your best beach beauty tip?

Fake it with your hair by doing tousled waves before you go, I use a curling wand and some salt spray. Then lip balm for sun-kissed lips, waterproof mascara, and a cool bikini is essential. I’m all about fake tanning before you go too – I arrive really brown and leave pale!

And the best piece of beauty advice you’ve ever been given…

Contouring and highlighting the bridge of my nose and cheekbones has changed my life, I’m obsessed with it when I do my own make-up. It’s great to get my make-up done loads because then I know what I actually like. Being told to not pluck my eyebrows when I was younger has totally paid of too.

Talking of eyebrows… What’s your power brow secret weapon?

I’m using a MAC eyeshadow and an angled brush to fill them in at the moment, but I’ll switch it up and sometimes use an eyebrow pencil depending on what I’ve got in my make-up bag.

Have you got an all-time beauty or style icon?

Style icon would be the Olsen twins, I love the Olsens. When it comes to beauty I love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s look, and for just being a really cool person, Kate Moss.

Kate, Naomi, Rosie, Cara, Jourdan… Are they role models for you?

Yeah, definitely. It’s great to have strong and successful British models to look up to. So many of the big models are international, a lot are American, so it’s great when a British model breaks out and you know they’ve really made it.

Your beauty routine – is it a strict regimen, or are you a low-maintenance kind of girl?

No I’m low maintenance, definitely. I’ll take my make-up off, apply moisturiser, I use bio oil and sometimes put that on my face too if I have dry skin. That’s about it. Sometimes I use a facial tanner because my face is always way paler than my body – I love the St Tropez face oil.


What’s your favourite app?

Instagram! It’s everyone’s favourite isn’t it? I haven’t got a favourite filter at the moment though, because I’ve started just doing it myself, messing around with all the settings until I’m happy.

You clearly know how to take a good selfie – what’s your top tip?

Good lighting. Also, don’t over edit, and don’t look too serious. Obviously you’re posing, but don’t do the ‘I sooo love myself’ face. Pout, but not with conviction. Pout like it’s an accident.

Everyone’s got a favourite emoji – what’s yours?

Oh the little monkey ones!

When it comes to shopping, what’s your high street go-to?

Zara, I love it. They seem to constantly refresh what’s in store, so it’s always good and they have some really classic pieces too.

Packing can be a drama – any tips you can give us?

Oh God no, I’m terrible. I literally just throw it all in. I pack and unpack so much at the moment that I never really know what’s in there. I stayed at my mum’s last weekend and she called me after I left saying, ‘You’ve left all your make-up behind!’ I had to ask her to post it all to me First Class.

Chloe Lloyd is the face of Thomas Sabo’s new fragrance Eau De Karma, available in September.