Chill Out With Our Favourite Relaxing Bath Salts!

After a busy day, there’s nothing better than a long relaxing bath. So, to help soothe away the stress, we wanted to share a few of our favourite bath salts with you.

First up, it’s Burt’s Bees Therapeutic Bath Crystals, £11.22. The eucalyptus scent helps to clear your senses and leaves you feeling refreshed.

Next, we have Neal’s Yard Lavender Bath Salts, £16.35. Half an hour in the bath with these lavender lovelies and you’ll have the best night’s sleep ever!

Cowshed Udderly Gorgeous Bath Salts, £24.50. These super-fine granules instantly dissolve in water and will soothe away any aches and pains.

Finally, if you love roses, you’ll go weak at the knees for Dead Sea Spa Aromatherapy Bath Salts, £6.49. Packed with rose petals and essential oils, they’re the perfect remedy for dry skin and will leave your skin feeling baby soft.

So there you have it, four of our favourite bathtime treats. Enjoy! VJ