Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Posts Make-Up Free Selfie

There’s no denying that Cheryl Fernandez-Versini is a natural beauty.

The 31-year-old singer posted a make-up free selfie on Instagram at the weekend – and looked as gorgeous as ever.

Judging by the towel on her head and her damp-looking hair, Cheryl had taken the photo after she’d just stepped out of the shower. She was also wrapped in a fluffy white robe.

But despite not being quite as polished as usual, Mrs Fernandez-Fersini was totally glowing. Just check out that clear skin! Cheryl’s complexion is even and her deep brunette eyes stand out even more without heavy eyeliner or mascara around them.

We bet her husband Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini feels very lucky to wake up to her au naturel face every morning.

There was actually a very sweet reason behind Cheryl’s upload. Her dad Garry Tweedy asked her to share the snap with fans as he thought she looked so much like his own mum in it.

Cheryl explained: ‘My dad is making me post this picture bc he said I am the double of my nana (his mother) when she was my age, and has a photo just like this but with a scarf on her head.. So here you go.’

How cute is that?!

Garry has actually featured on Cheryl’s Instagram page quite a bit in recent days. Last week, he accidentally photobombed a shot of his daughter had posted of her new redder bob.

In the funny picture, Garry could be seen walking down a set of stairs behind Cheryl as she pouts seductively into the camera. But he definitely didn’t plan to end up in the background.

‘Dad: “what ye deeing” “wait til I git doon these stairs” Got him !! #rundadrun @ellenoradean thanks for the color refresh,’ joker Chezza told her followers.

Wonder which family member is going to make a cameo next?!