Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Hits Back At Alan Sugar

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini as hit back at Alan Sugar following his comments she was ‘too thin’. 

‘I’ve got nothing to say to stupidity,’ the 32-year-old told The Mirror. ‘How do you answer stupidity?’ 

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cheryl fernandez versini Cheryl also responded to Sinitta’s comments about her feeling the X Factor pressure


‘With intelligence? If I cared I would be bothered.’ Yes! Feisty Cheryl.  

The X Factor judge also had some stern words for Sinitta, who recently commented that there was ‘a lot of pressure’ on the singer at the moment. 

‘Do I look like I’m under pressure?’ Cheryl said. ‘I’m having the best time.’

cheryl x factor red dress Cheryl looked stunning in a red floorlength Elizabeth And James dress on Saturday



Cheryl has been subjected to plenty of comments surrounding her weight over the past few months after she lost weight following the death of her father-in-law.

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cheryl black topshop dress on the x factor Alan Sugar has slammed the star for looking ‘too thin’


And The Apprentice judge, Lord Sugar, has been the latest to take aim at the singer. 

‘Catching up on X-factor. Cheryl is now too thin’, he wrote simply on Sunday.

Cheryl looked incredible at the weekend, working a custom-made Topshop dress on Sunday and a stunning red floorlength Elizabeth And James frock the night before.


alan sugar cheryl too thin tweet Alan Sugar tweeted about the judge’s appearance on Sunday


And clearly, her fans agreed with us.

Slamming the 68-year-old’s insult, Cheryl’s soldiers blasted Lord Sugar for his cruel comments. 

‘Imagine if you had a young daughter who was the same build as Cheryl and she repeatedly read she was too thin no need to comment’, one wrote.  

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cheryl X factor sequin mini dress It’s not the first time Cheryl’s been skinny shamed since being on the X Factor…


‘Oh no! @Lord_Sugar didn’t think you would lower yourself to #bodyshaming for a popular tweet boo!’, tweeted another.

Mrs F-V has so far chosen to ignore the dig, but she has spoken out about the issue before. 

‘The other side of body shaming is skinny shaming’, she said. ‘I think this happens just as much as shaming someone for being bigger. How often do you hear someone say, ‘give that girl a sandwich’, or ‘she needs a good feed?’

lord alan sugar Cheryl’s fans jumped to her defence as they blasted The Apprentice judge online


‘Everyone says they want the ‘perfect body’ and have so many body goals, but when a girl is just that bit too skinny, in your eyes, she gets judged. There is so, so, so, so much more to life than having the ‘perfect body.’

‘Every young person needs to understand that.’

And Lord Sugar too, it seems.

cheryl camel coat Cheryl’s previously spoken out against skinny shaming, which can be incredibly dangerous