4 Viral Hair Trends We’re Absolutely Loving This Week

Another day, another epic hair trend. We’re overwhelmed by all of the colourful creations that are cropping up on our feeds of late.  

We’ve brought you fluid hair, rainbow roots and pumpkin spice hair.

And, thanks to the wonders of Instagram, we’ve got plenty more where that came from. 

Cherry Bombre 

> Instagram: @jayrua_glam



Also knows as cherry bomb ombre. Neat, huh?

This one’s less about the colours of the rainbow, and more about rocking a slight twist on the classic brunette.

The term was coined by celebrity hair colourist Beth Minardi, who has launched her own line of signature shades.

Most of the other colour explosions work best on lighter tones, so it’s great to see something that dark haired beauties can more easily tap into, without having to reach for the bleach bottle.

Speaking to Good Housekeeping, Beth explains: ‘This style is best for natural brunettes with long layers or no layers, as it requires minimal dying processes to achieve.’

The idea is to weave in rich red tones to ‘add energy and dimension.’

Sunset Hair

> Instagram: @hairbyleahevans



The folks over at Refinery29 are claiming this one. And it’s a fabulous way of adding some summer fun to your winter look. 

You’d probably need to be rocking some sunnies to look at some of these gorgeous colour combos, inspired by the very skies we see outside. 

Rose Gold Hair

> Instagram: @thatsheart



Yes, it’s every bit as pretty as it sounds. 

A new twist on metallic hues and candy pinks, this Insta-dye job blends red and pink shades to create a subtle rose gold shade. 

Instagrammers have been using the hashtag #rosegoldhair to share inspiration, showcasing varying tones to suit individual skintones.


Macaron Hair 

> Instagram: @shelleygregoryhair



Shelley Gregory created this unicorn-style look.

According to Pop Sugar, she explained: ‘I wanted the hair to look and feel like walking into Laduree, the French macaron shop.’

Goal achieved, don’t you agree?

The technique involves hand-painting different colour strands of hair.

Oh, swoon.