This £3.30 Mascara Is Currently Breaking The Internet


Bargain beauty lovers rejoice for today is a good day. A ridiculously cheap mascara has just been shouted about online and by the looks of things: it’s seriously great.

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It’s all thanks to Reddit user EllieDaisyLouise who, within the MakeupAddiction Reddit thread, posted a before and after picture of her lashes after applying the super cheap mascara.

Volume? Check. Length? Check, check. Clumps? None whatsoever.

The mascara in question? Well it’s Essence Lash Princess False Effect Mascara and it’s an absolute bargain at only £3.30!!

“Can’t believe this mascara was only £3.30. Sorry for the shocking picture quality but this is the Essence Lash Princess Mascara and I HIGHLY recommend it.” she wrote.

The Internet Is Loving This Super Cheap Mascara

Other Reddit users were quick to shout its praises too. Other comments included:

“I got a tube and I love it. Thanks so much for your recommendation”

“I actually just ran out and bought some of the False Effect – for the price I don’t see why not. So far I love it!”

“This is my favourite mascara ever and I’m not even going to bother trying anything else. Holds the curl ALL DAY and never flakes. Just beautiful”

“I freaking love this mascara. Great volume, not clumpy, lasts even through a nap,”

“Yes, I got this from Wilko and it’s the best mascara I’ve ever used in my life!”

Well, if they’re not recommendations – we don’t know what is!

Available at Wilko and online, brb we’re off to stock up. It’s not often that a super cheap mascara grabs our attention like this one!