Charlotte Tilbury’s Mini Miracle Eye Wand Works Big Wonders

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Miracle Eye Wand, £29

You know how it goes; you’ve had a late night on the town, and have to get up super early to be at work on time for a meeting. Plus, it’s Friday, so you’ve been facing those dreaded early mornings all week. And no matter how much foundation you apply, it’s just never going to conceal those dark circles around your eyes. Sob.

Nevertheless, fear not ladies of Britain, because makeup artist to the stars Charlotte Tilbury has come to our rescue once again. Having spent five years in the making, this month sees the launch of her Mini Miracle Eye Wand, £29, which will give you the look of 8 hours sleep in two click (no kidding). Enriched with a magic recipe of hydrating, anti-ageing skincare, the double-ended wand is the first of its kind, and aims to treat the under eye area as well as conceal any discoouration.

Step 1: Use the hydrating eye cream first to lift and smooth. It contains hyaluronic acid and rice proteins, to fill fine lines and hydrate the skin. Moisture levels are boosted and even delicate skin feels rejuvenated.

Step 2: The concealer end of the wand is formulated with light reflecting micro particles that work to brighten, tighten and lighten even the darkest of shadows. Fine-coated Mother of Pearl brings radiance to the skin and colour-corrects by neurtralising pink, brown and blue undertones.

TIP: Double up and use it as a highlighter down the bridge of the nose and along the brow bone.

Under-eye perfection!


Personally, I don’t usually suffer from eye bags, and (lucky for me) I’m yet to develop any niggling wrinkles under the eye. However, I do occasionally get a little discolouration beneath the eyes, and Charlotte’s clever little wand worked a treat. Bags and dark circles be gone!

Charlotte Tilbury’s Mini Miracle Eye Wand, £29, is available now in 5 shades from

Annie Quinton