A Love Letter To… Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk

Charlotte Tilbury is a make-up magician. I don’t know how, but she gets it right every single time, and it was the release of one product in particular that blew my mind: Pillow Talk, The Lipstick.

[Now would be a good time for a dramatic drum roll if you have one to hand].

Lipstick, £24, Charlotte Tilbury

Pillow Talk, The Lip Liner is has been CT’s #1 bestseller since it launched in 2013. I for one have spent many a weekend accosting long-suffering Sales Assistants at beauty counters across the UK politely pleading: ‘But what lipstick is closest to Pillow Talk? Do you think you’ll make a Pillow Talk Lipstick? If I squidge a few liners together, can we make a Pillow Talk Lipstick here and now? Pillow Talk Pillow Talk Pillow Talk…

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Sienna Miller shows off Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk lippy

Now – Charlotte may be psychic. Or she just got wind of all my crazed Pillow Talk talk. More likely perhaps, is that when make up magnate Charlotte Tilbury launched Pillow Talk, the lipstick, she was just doing what’s she does best – meeting all of our make up needs before we even knew we had them. She said: ‘Darlings, I’m so excited to share this with you! A gorgeous nude-y pink, it enhances the natural hue of your lips so you can cheat a pillow-y pout in seconds. The angled square tip even mimics the shape of a lip brush for perfect precision.’

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We say: ‘You have changed my life.’

I promise I’m not one to exaggerate, but I can safely say Pillow Talk lipstick is the best lipstick in the whole entire world. It does everything a lipstick is supposed to do: stay put, moisturise, colour, give shape. The lot. Beyond that, it’s the nicest shade you’ll ever come across, and suits literally every occasion. Put it this way: I haven’t gone a day without it since buying. And near enough everyday, I get a compliment. You should try it. Seriously.