Charlotte Free Talks Modelling, Music And Ninja Training

Charlotte Free is one of our favourite models thanks to her cool-as-can-be attitude and awesome, edgy style (plus the girl has *major* hair game). We’ve seen her hit the catwalk for the likes of Jeremy Scott, Moschino and Chanel, and now she’s scored a campaign for Ghost’s new fragrance, Ghost Girl. We headed down to the campaign shoot to chat with Charlotte about everything from modelling to ninja training (yes, really).

Here’s what the lovely lady had to say…

Hi Charlotte, So how does it feel to be the face of the new Ghost fragrance?

It feels great, I’ve never done a fragrance campaign before. I like that scent is young and fun, its so fresh and easy to wear.

Ghost Girl Eau de Toilette 30ml, £25

How did you get into modelling? 

I was discovered playing video games at an arcade.

> The campaign vid shows Charlotte rocking candy pink locks

What was it like walking the catwalk for the first time?

My first show was Richard Chai and I looked really mean and felt really mean [laughs]

Did you always want to be a model? 

No, I actually never really wanted to be a model and I still don’t know if I want to be a model. I really want to be a musician, that’s my dream.

What kind of music are you into?

I love electronic

Have you ever had any embarrassing or awkward moments while modelling? 

Probably more than any other model ha! I’m always embarrassing myself. 

What would you say to someone that wanted to become a model? 

That being pretty is not enough. To get you through this industry, because everyone is hot, so you have to have some thing else going on as well, you have to have a personality.

> Charlotte Free posed for a quick selfie on set of the Ghost campaign

Who’s your ultimate fashion icon?

David Bowie

What’s the one beauty product you’d never travel without? 

Paw paw ointment

How do you like to keep fit?

I’m in training to be a ninja right now! It’s hardcore tumbling, martial arts and then you get certified. It’s really intense, I train three times a week.

Any favourite juices or smoothies?

Well I don’t eat any sugar, so if I’m having a juice it has to be all greens, no fruit.

Bright lips or eyes?


Hair, up or down?


Night in or night out?

Night out

Trainers or heels?


Rock of pop?



Ghost Girl fragrance is available now from £25 for 30ml

Photos: Instagram @Charlotte_free and Youtube