Charlotte Crosby Has A Tough Time On Loose Women

Charlotte Crosby probably wasn’t expecting her appearance on Loose Women to go quite the way it did.

Chatting to the panel about her ever-changing look, the Geordie Shore star was quizzed on whether or not she believes she’s emanating a positive message to her young fans.

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And straight-talking Janet Street Porter had a lot to say on the subject.



It’s no secret that Charlotte has been on quite the fitness journey. She explained just how hard it is for her to stay in shape, telling the Loose Women ladies, ‘It’s hard work especially with being in Geordie Shore at the same time, I’m doing two things that totally contradict each other. I’m trying to stay fit, healthy and slim but then eating pizzas, kebabs and drinking Jägerbombs.’

We feel your pain, Chaz.

But Janet was quick to turn focus to the fact that she’s been under the knife.


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Charlotte famously had surgery on her nose, debuting the results on Instagram back in February.

After Charlotte admitted that she ‘never felt confident in a sexy way’, Janet asked, ‘Why couldn’t you have counselling, why didn’t you seek some kind of therapy to live with the face you have rather than move it all around?’

Charlotte handled it with a smile and a nervous laugh, telling Janet that she’d ‘lost’ her.


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The panelist also said, ‘Good luck to you, it’s your choices, but what message does that send to teenage girls who watch your show, follow you on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, who might think, “My nose has a lump in it but I haven’t got £4,000 to change it’?’

It makes us sad to think that Charlotte felt the need to change her looks, because she was beautiful before too, but it is her decision to make at the end of the day.


Charlotte’s fans were quick to defend her on Twitter, with comments including: ‘my goodness Janet, leave Charlotte alone! It’s personal choice to have cosmetic surgery or not so wind your neck in!’ and ‘Thought Janet street porter was rather rude then towards @Charlottegshore…’ [sic].

Another fan took to Instagram to tell the reality star, ‘It’s your decision to get your nose and lips done no one else’s. You weren’t happy with them and you had the power to change them so good on you girl. I’m a young girl looking up to you but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go out and get a nose job just because you did. You’re your own person and you did what’s best for you not for anyone else…’

Taking to Snapchat, the 25-year-old made a confession about her time on the show, telling her followers that she’d been ‘crying’ in the green room beforehand due to being so nervous.



Oh, Char 🙁

We think you did great, chick.