Charles Worthington’s Top Ten Tips For BAFTA Hair

We caught up with the talented Charles Worthington, to get all the backstage beauty goss, the low down on the prep that goes into his hair creations and some seriously handy how-to tips on how to create some of the most coveted hairstyles from last nights BAFTA’s.

1.    Let Your Outfit Inspire You

“For inspiration, I’m looking at the total look, looking at the dresses being worn, the persons face shape, their hair texture, their hair colour” says Charles. “The dress is really important, when you see somebody that really looks amazing on the red carpet it’s because of their total look. All of those things are taken into account.”


2. Get Gravity Defying Hair

“It is really important to make sure you prep your hair beforehand with volume, if your hair is too floppy when you’re working with it, you’ll have to use tons of hairspray.” Instead of piling on the finishing products, Charles suggests using more at the start. “For Kara Tointon’s hair, what I did was actually put the Body Booster Mousse into dry hair, because putting mousse into wet hair dilutes it, but when you put into dry hair it really gives it that extra life and extra hold.”


3. Fake An Undercut

A Faux undercut, as seen on Sienna Guillory, is the perfect way to rock a sophisticated look with a twist. “I pinned one side of the hair back really tight, then left the other side loose. Because Sienna’s got that very edgy modern look, I thought the look would work really well on her, and it looked amazing!” – we couldn’t agree more!


4. Make Your Locks Last

“In many ways, it’s about using twice as much product then you would normally use, because we do pile on the product. You’ve got to know how far you can go with it, so you don’t make the hair look like its got too much in it”, he warns. “ You’ve got to work it to the right degree, but we probably do use about twice as much mousse and twice as much spray, just to hold it in place.”


5. Avoid Helmet Head

“Rather than spraying all the hair solid, you’re actually putting the firmness where you need it. Literally spray onto the fingertips and push it in at the roots, working them into the hair. This still allows the hair to move a little bit, where as, if you spray hair solid it looks solid, it’s a nice way of applying it.”


6. The Super Styling Tool

To get amazing curls or waves, you need choose the right tools. Invest in ghd’s Curve, an oval shaped wand – “It’s my favourite styling tool to create a gorgeous, very spontaneous looking wave” says Charles.


7. Volume Without Frizz

“A little trick that we use if you have hair that has a tendency to go flat, is crimping your hair at the roots. You can buy little mini crimpers and if you crimp the hair at the roots it gives it that fatness and chunkiness, lifting it away from the head without backcombing it. So you can still run your hands through your hair and brush your hair, but you end up with all this root volume, which is great. Miss out the last half inch before your parting but crimp all the area underneath, it gives you really lovely chunky, bouncy hair.”


8. Super Star Shine

“Instead of spraying a shine spray directly onto the hair, mist a small amount into the air and walk into it.” For gorgeously glossy hair, Charles also suggests using a shine hairspray. “A lot of the polymers and shiny ingredients that we use in hairspray give hair a wonderful gleam, as well as holding it in place. Hairspray that has a lovely shine factor is a great way of putting shine on without weighing it down.”


9. Quick Up Do Tips

“To speed things up, sprinkle Backcomb Powder through your hair, with your head upside down. It stops your hair from being slippery and it gives it that grip, so makes it very easy to work with” says Charles.  “Then, grabbing your hair, take a handful of pins and bend just one corner of the pin back creating a fishhook shape, so when you push it in it really holds. Just randomly pin it, this will give you that really tousled, spontaneous look and It’s a really quick way of twisting your hair and pinning it back easily.”


10. Hollywood Wave How-To

“With Sarah Jane Crawford, I tonged the hair into spiral ringlets, then brushed them out until they started to form waves. Next, I gripped the hair into waves and allowed it to really cool down properly. Grip it in place and spray it while the grips are in and when you take them out, your hair will be held in those lovely, luscious S waves.”


Gabrielle Dyer