Chanel No5 Could Be All About To Change

BRB off to Boots to bulk buy.

EVERYONE loves Chanel No5. It’s not just a bottle of deliciously scented deliciousness. It is a symbol of femininity and class. And it has been ever since Coco Chanel created the scent nearly 100 years ago.

But our fave scent could become a thing of the past as a railway line is being built directly across the French city of Grasse. Yup, seriously. The very fields in which the flowers that make our go-to date-night perfume live. And there ain’t gonna be no perfume without the flowers!

Especially as, according to The Guardian, a whopping 1,000 Jasmine flowers and a dozen May roses are used in every 30ml bottle. We are seriously going to have to start bulk buying…


Chanel commented: “The construction of a viaduct and the regular passage of high-speed trains over these fields of flowers would force Chanel to cease supporting its artisanal activities in this region.”

The French railway company SNCF has argued that the railway is in serious need of investment due to severe congestion.

…We’d just really like it if they could build the line like, not on our favourite flowers pls?

Saying that – plans are yet to be confirmed, so we will just have to sit back and wait… and maybe make a few last minute adjustments to the Christmas list.

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We can’t believe how much we took Chanel for granted until now! Le sigh.

By Shannan Sterne