5 Ways To Be A Chanel Girl For Less

The Paris Fashion Week show has given us all kinds of beauty inspo. Thanks Karl Lagerfeld, our bank accounts will be very happy.

Anyone who has ever dreamt of becoming a Chanel girl will know the pain of seeing actual price tags. What we can afford, however, is all the wicked beauty hacks we have taken from the Paris Fashion Week show…

Capped Side Pony

The next time you pull your hair into a ponytail, switch up your angle and yank it over to the side. Models at Chanel trooped down the runway with thick side ponies and throwback baseball caps. Make sure your cap is set at an opposing jaunty angle to your ‘tail.

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Bobble Babes

Subtle hair wraps and elastics were out in favour of bright look-at-me hair bands. The fluoro bands were decorated with double ‘C’ brooches. Try Topshop’s new drop of glittery pins as an affordable alternative. Or throw caution to the wind and spend your rent on actual Chanel…

Winged Eyes

Eyes were all about the 80s at Chanel. Simple, minimal base with a light brushing of mascara was the perfect setting to show off dramatic pink winged shadow. The blended stripes started mid-outer eye, extending up in an angle to the brow.

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Chanel’s Juicy Pout

Looking like 90s Juicy Tube-obsessed teens, Chanel’s SS16 lip is super shiny with a natural, rosy finish.

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Blush Crush

Throw out your bronzer. Parisian cheeks are flushed and totally faux-natural. Mega peach power blush was applied high on the cheekbones to create a band similar to the winged eyes.

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Buy the biggest, glitteriest earring you have ever seen then chuck one away. Karl’s gals only need the one showstopper earring, worn on the opposite side to the baseball cap peak. Avoid ending up with one very long lobe by swapping pony ‘n’ peak sides every now and then.

By Ellen Kerry