We think Sienna likes her Roots & Bulbs juice...

Celebs Reveal The Beauty Drink That Promises Perfect Skin

What is Sienna Miller’s and Kate Hudson‘s secret to effortlessly glowing complexion? Well we’ve found out! After spotting Sienna and Kate on Instagram with their healthy juice by Roots & Bulbs, we discovered it wasn’t just any old, ordinary juice. Oh no, the juice in question is a Roots & Bulbs Pure Skin by Wendy Rowe edition. A juice specially designed with your skin in mind. Every ingredient, every addition in the ‘skin juice’ has been hand selected by make-up artist, Wendy Rowe, to ensure that after you’ve gulped it down, your skin is literally gleaming! And if Sienna, Kate and Candice Swanepoel (who’s also a fan) are anything to go by, we’re pretty sure we want to try one.

Roots & Bulbs Pure Skin Juice by Wendy Rowe Pick up Roots & Bulbs Pure Skin Juice by Wendy Rowe for £5


But first let us tell you what’s in it…

Tumeric– this herb is amazing for reducing inflammation and detoxing the body. It’s not just good for your skin, but great for your digestive system too!

Aloe Vera it’s in our recovery after-sun creams because of it’s amazing ability to reduce redness, but did you also know it’s amazing for stimulating the growth of new skin cells, and helps with acne, too!

Alfafa– is super rich in Vitamin A, so will keep your skin plump, increase your immunity, plus it’s also rich in chlorophyll, so will help the body to get rid of impurities.

Cayenne Pepper– this antioxidant is the magic ingrediant for your skin, it works to combat congestion and increases the blood flow so your cheeks looks plumped to perfection.

Lemon- as well as being packed with vitamin C, calcium and potassium lemons are also amazing for cleansing the body, as well as help preventing sun damage.

Mint– if blocked pores are your thing, make mint your go-to- its amazing for clearing out pores, soothing and calming the skin and high in salicylic acid making it the perfect acne- treatment.

Kate Hudson snap of her healthy shopping cart Kate Hudson’s snap of her healthy shopping basket



Candice Swanepoel is also a huge fan of the juice It seems that model Candice Swanepoel is also a huge fan of the juice


About Wendy Rowe?

Wendy is one of the most sought after British make-up artists. She’s the lady behind the Burberry look backstage. She’s also worked on creating the campaign images with Cara Delevingne and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She’s worked with top models like Chrissy Turlington and mega photographers like Mario Testino. And if that wasn’t enough she’s also got her own beauty blog, WendyRowe.com which she updates with amazing make-up tips, and video how-to’s– staring Cara, Candice and Behati Prinsloo– no big deal, or anything!

An Instagram snap of the Roots & Bulbs Pure Skin Juice, £5 Wendy Rowe has been busy Instagramming her juice to her 27,000 followers


Get your wonder skin juice now for just £5, to see if they’ll deliver to you click here!

Samantha Freedman