This Celebrity Stylist Wants Extensions Shaming To Stop

You know all of those celebrities with gorgeous, thick, silky manes? Well, we’re going to tell you a secret: a lot of them will be wearing extensions.

These days, extensions are so brilliant in terms of the quality on offer that you can barely tell who’s wearing them. 

Yet celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin still feels like there’s a great deal of hair extension-shaming going on. And she wants it to stop. 

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hair extension shaming Jen Atkin shared this image to make a stand against hair extension-shaming


Jen works with some of the most glamorous ladies in the ‘biz – from Kylie and Kendall Jenner and the Kardashians to Chrissy Teigen and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. So she knows her stuff. 

But with every new celebrity hair transformation comes a barrage of catty social media comments about that celeb’s ‘fake hair’ or ‘trashy extensions’ . And Jen’s speaking out.

Posting a photo of a bundle of silky extensions on her Instagram page, the famous hairdresser wrote:

kardashians hair The Kardashian ladies regularly wear extensions, and have some of the most sought-after manes in showbiz


‘I’m always reading comments like ‘I bet it’s extensions’ or ‘she will probably just put in extensions’ ‘that’s not her hair’. Guys, hair extensions are not bad or something to be embarrassed by.’

We couldn’t agree more. In this day and age, what’s wrong with giving yourself that extra bit of confidence if your locks are naturally thin or simply not as luscious as you’d like?

Jen also bashes the connotation that guys hate extensions (most of the time, they don’t even notice when you’ve had a bob cut in). And she makes her point beautifully…

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alicia vikander hair extensions Alicia Vikander’s hair extensions are *so* natural-looking… Trashy? Hell no


‘If a guy isn’t with you because you wear extensions? BYE FELICIA!’ she writes. LOL. Amen, Jen.

We’re totally behind Atkin with this one. And so were her followers. ‘Nicely said!’, wrote one. ‘So true!’ mused another.

So what’s the takeaway here? Well, make like Kylie and do whatever the hell you want with your hair, because you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone.

kylie jenner wig Kylie Jenner’s been repeatedly shamed for her use of wigs…