Here’s How To Look Super Fly On Your Next Long Haul

If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about jet setting across the globe in style it’s celebs like Nicole Scherzinger and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley! I mean we can only hope to look THAT hot on our travels.

Celebs want to look as fresh faced and puffy eyed free when they get off their plane as when they get on and they’ve completly mastered the ‘What 10 hour flight?!’ look.

But guess what…it’s possible for us to do the same because we got all the beauty secrets from the stars themselves.

So if you want a long lasting skin regime that will stay put from take off to touch down, look no further than these ah-mazing celeb hot picks!

Alexa Chung

“I don’t understand how people can make do with just a serum or gel; my skin is thirsty. I use anything super thick and creamy, like Decleor’s Hydra Floral Multi-Protection Rich Cream, £39.50, or Nude Replenish Dialy Moisturiser, £23 (Sale price), and then add a drop of Rodin Oil Lusso Face Oil, £105.”

Millie Mackintosh

If I’m on a long haul flight I like to take a sheet mask, like the Hydralon Moisture Boosting Mask, £19.99 and
I’m also really loving Origins

Drink Up Intensive
, £23, for flights.

If I wear make-up to the airport I’ll take a cleansing water, like Caudalie Micellar Water 100ml, £9, to take it all off for the flight before I do my mask.
I’ll apply Elizabeth Arden

8-Hour Cream,
£27, to my lips to stop them drying out

. I like to have my hair up, comfy clothes on and make up off.
I do find it hard to relax in general, but This Works

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray,
£16, misted onto a travel pillow can be really calming (I’m not a big fan of flying!). I always have an eye mask and ear plugs in my carry-on too.

Rosie Huntington-Whitley

“I remove my makeup as soon as I’m settled and then I follow up with my regular routine of my moisturiser and By Terry Baume de Rose, £39 for my lips.  

For make up I carry just enough to give me quick and easy results before landing. My Rosie for Autograph Amazing Radiance Cream, £18 and Miracle Concealer, £14 are great at giving me a natural glow and then I apply Tom Ford Flawless Powder Foundation, £64.

I always keep a Tangle Teezer brush and a comb in my bag and I’ll use a dry shampoo if I’m wearing my hair down, or I’ll scrape it back with Moroccan Oil Styling Gel, £17.45 for a sleek, structured look.”


Karlie Kloss

“I keep my face hydrated on flights by spritzing on Caudalie Grape Water, £6. It sinks into my skin in seconds. And I always carry Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant, £27. I use it on my lips, nails and eyebrows.”

Hair: I always keep a Tangle Teezer brush, £10.60. I’ll use some René Furterer Dry Shampoo, £15.50, if I’m wearing my hair down, or I’ll scrape it back
with Moroccan Oil Styling Gel, £17.45, for a sleek, structured look. (interview with Violet Grey)



Kylie Jenner

Mario Badescu Facial Spray, £5.95, “This is really bomb, I like to take it on vacation and stuff like that because it keeps me moisturized. So this one is very, very good.”

Nicole Scherzinger

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask, £40, “If you are on the run, whether you’re on a plane or have a shoot or something, my newest favourite thing are these Bliss energising eye masks. Those are really good.”



By Sophia Pathak @sophia_pathak