Celebrity Beauty Favourite: Suqqu Lip Essence

Cracked, dehydrated lips are a beauty no-no. But with so many pout-perfecting products out there, it’s hard to know where to invest your cash. Well, we’re going with the celebs on this one, as lip-luscious beauties Sienna Miller, Kate Bosworth and Kristin Davis have all been gushing over Suqqu’s Lip Essence Cream, £35.

Proclaiming her love for the wonder cream, SATC‘s Kristin Davis says: “This is the only lip balm that keeps my lips moisturised, even during long flights. I love it!”

Applied on-the-go or before bed, this diminutive multitasker also works as a wrinkle fighter and actively prevents colour irregularity. It’s our new skincare staple!

By Chloe Burcham

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