You Won’t Believe The Body Parts Celebrities Are Now Getting Fillers In

These procedures just keep getting weirder...

The rich and famous have been getting strange surgical procedures for as long as we can remember, it’s nothing new.

But, in a recent chat with dermatologist Karyn Grossman, Refinery29 discovered that fillers aren’t only being used in the places we thought. Nope, apparently the latest craze includes getting injections in places like your ears, nipples, hands and belly button.

So, what’s the reason behind these weird and wonderful injections? Apparently, actresses who are worried about sagging earlobes due to wearing heavy jewellery get a little bit of filler just around the hole of their lobe, which gives it more support and stops it from pulling.

Believe it or not our hands are one of the first places to show signs of ageing. As much as we love a good hand cream, there’s only so much it’s going to do. Filler in your hands and even your forearms is something that a lot of celebrities have reported to have had done. It helps to plump out areas where the skin is thinning and leave your hands looking more youthful.

Nipples are another one and quite frankly, even the thought of this stresses us out. funnily enough, people are getting it because they want their nipples to look more erect. Personally, we’re ok sticking to the old ice cube trick.

Bothered by your cellulite? Filler is your friend here, too. a little bit can be injected into dimpled areas to even out orange peel like areas of skin. This one seems to make the most sense to us, and we’re imagining it’s a lot less painful than having a needle shoved into your nipple.

Possibly the weirdest of them all has got to be belly button injections! We are not sure whether or not we understand why anyone would care enough about how their belly button looks to get injections into it, but apparently this is the sad world we live in now. If you have an indentation above your belly button (and you care enough about it) then injections can sort it out in the same way they can with cellulite.

Finally, injections into the scalp mimic a mini face lift and can help turn back the clock without you having to undergo actual surgery. They’re done just above the hairline, which raises the brow and leaves you looking younger and more awake.