Celebrities Without Makeup: Our Fave Bare-Faced Beauties

The thought of being stripped of our makeup bags fills many of us with total dread. But the celebrity no makeup selfie is fast becoming a thing, with everyone from Cheryl Fernandez-Versini to Gwyneth Paltrow and Kylie Jenner ditching the slap to show off their natural beauty.

In celebration of celebrities papping themselves with no makeup on, we’ve rounded up the best bare-faced beauties we’ve seen on Instagram. And judging by how gorgeous they all look, we reckon it’s enough to inspire anyone to give up the kohl (well, for a day at least).

Perrie Edwards Without Makeup

Perrie shared this windswept beachy snap whilst on holiday with her boyfriend Alex Chamberlain. Considering we’re used to seeing the blonde babe with a full face of makeup, we can’t get over how stunning she looks without it. Perrie, we definitely prefer you pre glam squad and we hope you rock the natural look more often.


susannah reid

Susannah Reid without makeup

1) Susanna Reid Without Makeup

The Good Morning Britain presenter is known for her morning TV glam, but decided to show the difference between real life and social media with this inspiring comparison snap that earned her a flood of positive comments. ‘Me on Instagram = extra eyelashes, make-up & filters. Me in Real life = blemishes, lines & flaws. There’s a time & value for both but don’t compare your behind-the-scenes to others’, she wrote. Amen to that!















2 ) Emilia Clarke Without Makeup

Emilia Clarke is the epitome of English rose. It doesn’t take much to make her look beautiful but apparently she looks amazing with absolutely nada, too.



3) Kylie Jenner Without Makeup 

Kylie Jenner loves make-up. Whether it’s applying thick falsh lashes, ’90s brown lipliner or getting her contour on, the 18-year-old is always top of her beauty game. But the teen has always insisted that she likes to go au naturel off duty, and now she’s proved it. The star took to Instagram to show what she looks like post-make-up wipes, and the results are stunning. What a fresh-faced babe.

Fearne Cotton's no make-up selfie

4) Fearne Cotton Without Makeup

Well, someone’s got the pregnancy glow! The former BBC Radio One presenter might not be dealing with this muggy British heat very well, but at least she’s rocking that au naturel face like a total queen. ‘My fave spot in the house this pregnancy. Kitchen window fully open. #hot #humid’, she captioned this image.

Jessica Alba's no makeup selfie

5) Jessica Alba Without Makeup

Jessica Alba is one of the very few people who genuinely looks just as good without a scrap of makeup on, if not better! The 34-year-old mum of three has certainly got genes to be jealous of and looked absolutely radiant in her recent makeup free snap. She captioned the stunning pic: ‘Woke up and got a #facial w mah bebé and skin advisor/expert @shanidarden #nomakeup @honest_beauty #letsbehonest #iwokeuplikethis #weekendlife’ Who even needs makeup when you look this good?

Demi Lovato's no makeup selfie

6) Demi Lovato Without Makeup

Umm, talk about perfect skin! Demi’s obviously one blessed with a flawless complexion, the natural beauty looked adorable as she showcased some super cute freckles. She uploaded this picture to her Instagram, where she looks positively glowing, captioning it ‘#NMN #nomakeupmonday www.devonnebydemi.com’ Please let us in on your skincare secret, Demi!!
Lady Gaga's no makeup selfie

7) Lady Gaga Without Makeup

Superstar Gaga posed with her fans au natural in this cute group picture. The singer looked fresh faced and chabby chic in the snap: ‘#chicagopride Pawsup kickin in with lil monsters. Love you so much u beautiful kids. Keep being revolutionaries you’re the s***!’, she wrote. We bet her lucky fans couldn’t believe their luck – makeup free Gaga  certainly still looks the part!

louise thompson

Louise Thompson with no make-up

8) Louise Thompson Without Makeup

This Made In Chelsea star decided to ditch the slap to show just how confident she feels without make-up on. Fresh from a recent holiday, Louise captioned the image: ‘No need for hair or make up when you have a tan, jewels and pretty underwear.’ Amen to that. GORGEOUS!


Sam Faiers with no makeup on

9) Samantha Faiers Without Makeup

The former TOWIE star decided to stop by Instagram before heading to bed last night to capture her post-cleansing, fresh-faced look and share with fans. And doesn’t Sam look striking sans slap? She captioned the image: ‘Nighty on, fresh face, tea & TV.’ That bone structure is seriously hard to ignore… What a beauty.

Tyra Banks with no makeup

10) Tyra Banks Without Makeup

The fierce Top Model mentor took to Instagram to show the #RawAndReal her.

She said, ‘You know how people say #nofilter but you know there’s a freakin’ filter on their pic? Or maybe there’s a smidge of retouching going on but they’re lying and saying it’s all raw & real? Well, this morn, I decided to give you a taste of the really real me. I wanted to smooth out my dark circles so badly!!! But I was like, “Naw, Ty. Show ’em the REAL you.” So…here I am. Raw. And there YOU are…looking at me, studying this picture. Maybe you’re thinking, “Whoa, she looks ROUGH.” And if you are, great! You deserve to see the REAL me. The REALLY real me. #RawAndReal.’

And that’s why she’s become one of our favourite people.

JLo's cab no makeup selfie 

11) JLo Without Makeup

As if we weren’t jealous enough already of JLo’s amazing glowing skin, the stunning singer uploaded this snap of herself in the car without any makeup on – and yes she still looks incredible. Captioning the pic “Fresh faced Harlee #staytuned #shadesofblue” the mum of two has just proved you can rock the natural look at any age and still look good. Lets just hope we look that good at 45…

Fearne Cotton's sleepy no makeup selfie 

12) Fearne Cotton Without Makeup

The mum-of-one often used to rock up to Radio One with no makeup on, but this time, she treats fans to a sleepy natural-faced selfie to lament her bed-head barnet. ‘Have not brushed my hair since the Glamours last night. Regrettable’, Fearne captioned the image. We’re loving the tousled look. Plus, how pretty is Fearne first thing in the morning?! Let’s not forget this lady is also pregnant right now…. From that natural glow, clearly it suits her.

michelle keegan no makeup selfie

13) Michelle Keegan Without Makeup

The former Corrie actress was one of many stars to post a #NoMakeupSelfie in the hopes of raising awareness of breast cancer and encouraging others to donate to Cancer Research UK. Sharing her photo on Twitter, Michelle made the most of her gorgeous deep tan and perfect pout without the aid of a bronzer brush or lip pencil. Okay, so her brows might be drawn in, but there’s no denying she’s one gorgeous fresh-faced lady.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Kate Hudson's no makeup selfie

14) Rosie Huntington-Whiteley And Kate Hudson Without Makeup

When the two A-listers bumped into each other on a flight from LA to London, they just had to share a cheeky onboard selfie. And in that selfie, we got a chance to see just how gorgeous both ladies look sans slap. From Rosie’s gorgeous full pout to Kate’s big blue eyes and flawless skin, the pair proved stripped back can still be totally stunning. Plus, we’re glad to see the girls giving their skin a breather whilst flying. Good practice, people!

kylie jenner no makeup selfie

15) Kylie Jenner Without Makeup

The 18-year-old’s make-up had to be THE talking point of the last year. And now, the reality TV star has ditched the slap to share a no make-up selfie on Instagram. Showing off her natural beauty with a barefaced selfie, Kylie posted a close-up of her face with the caption: ‘You know it’s gonna be a good Sunday when ya weaves out & u haven’t put ur face on yet.’ The reality TV star is rarely seen without her trademark kohl, thick spiked lashes, contoured bronzer and over-lined lips, so it’s a lovely change to see Kylie so stripped-back.

gwyneth paltrow no makeup selfie 

16) Gwyneth Paltrow Without Makeup

The 43-year-old showed the true power of makeup by sharing a striking pair of Instagram snaps, one showing the Hollywood A-lister with a totally make up-free face, and the other showing her red carpet-ready visage. In the first shot, Gwyneth flaunted her natural off-duty beauty style, with her bare porcelain skin glowing from within, undefined eyes and her trademark blonde tresses loose and unstyled. Natural, bit still totally gorgeous. Then, the actress worked full-blown night on the tiles glamour, with her eyes lined and dusted in purple shadow, thick mascara-ed lashes and dramatically contoured cheekbones. We love you, Gwyn!

caggie dunlop no makeup selfie

17) Caggie Dunlop Without Makeup

Whilst on holiday in Nambia, the Made In Chelsea star made sure to showcase her amazing tan by jumping on the no makeup social media frenzy. Baring all for her iPhone camera, Caggie looked pretty and sunkissed as the focus was all about those pink, pouty lips. The shot was captioned: ‘Sun and sand and that’s about it.’ Unsurprisingly, her dedicated social media followers were all jumping to compliment the star’s natural beauty, and we were right with them.

kendall jenner no makeup selfie

18) Kendall Jenner Without Makeup

Kendall really is a natural beauty, isn’t she? The 19-year-old model posted a stunning makeup-free selfie to Instagram,r showing off her blemish-free complexion and perfectly-shaped brows as she smiled coyly into the camera. Despite looking absolutely amazing, Kendall seemed to remain coy about her low-key look, covering up half of her face with her hand. This didn’t stop us from spotting those adorable freckles over her cheeks and nose, though. Drawn in or not, they are too cute!

rihanna no makeup selfie

19) Rihanna Without Makeup

Perhaps one of the most striking no makeup selfies we’ve seen, Rihanna literally looked like she’d just rolled out of bed for her selfie session. But, of course, the Bajan beauty is a stunner through-and-through, and still looked totally beaut sans-slap. With her flawless complexion and short mop of messy hair, RiRi looked super cute (if a little sleepy) as she prepared to get dolled up to film her brand new video for next single What Now in Thailand. Love!

Kim Kardashian with no makeup on in Instagram selfie

20) Kim Kardashian Without Makeup

She may be known for being one of the girliest glamourpusses in showbiz, but Kim showed she’s not afraid of removing her slap in public when she posed for a post-shower selfie with not a scrap on.

Proving once again the power of the Kardashian gene, Kim looked just as gorgeous with her natural olive skin free of foundation and her brows unfilled. And those LASHES! We actually think we prefer her without makeup? Some ladies have all the luck…

P.S. Do you think she’s taking tips from Cheryl with that towel pose?!

Mollie King with no makeup on in Instagram selfie

21) Mollie King Without Makeup

Mollie King officially looks better without make-up than we do with a whole face-full of slap. Life is just not fair. The flawless The Saturdays star shared a bare-faced selfie with her fans on Instagram, labelled: ‘Sometimes Alf pulls a face like “Mum, do I HAVE to take you on another walk!?”‘ as she took her dog for a walk. The singer’s fresh-faced snap showed off foundation-free skin boasting a catwalk-worthy radiance that we literally CANNOT get our heads around, a sparkling pair of peepers and gorgeously thick natural brows. Molls, you are a true beaut.

Binky Felstead's no makeup selfie

22) Binky Felstead Without Makeup

The Made In Chelsea star treated us to a snap of her gorgeous face au naturel after a particularly good spray tan. Wanting to share the results with the world, Binky shared a snap of her bronzed visage and wrote: ‘Loving my Glo by @bronze_your_body #nomakeup #dontjudge’. Oh, we’re not judging. Binks looked amazing makeup-free, all dewy tanned skin and big blue peepers. You hottie!

Caroline Flack's no makeup selfie

23) Caroline Flack Without Makeup

There’s no better place to strip off the slap than on holiday – and that’s exactly what the presenter did while away in LA. She captioned this pretty shot: ‘Home soon.’ We think Cazza looks gorge without her trademark winged eyeliner. Lucky girl!

Jessie J shared an 'I Woke Up Like This' no makeup selfie on Instagram

24) Jessie J Without Makeup

The 27-year-old posted a bare-faced snap from the comfort of her bed (jealous, much?) without a trace of her statement eye make-up in sight. It’s rare to see the singer/songwriter without a bold red lip too! And we’ve got to say – Jessie’s eyebrow game is strong. It looks like it’s not just her voice that’s incredible when it’s stripped back.

lucy watson with no makeup on

25) Lucy Watson Without Makeup

Fresh from the gym, the Made In Chelsea stunner let her natural post-workout glow shine through by snapping a selfie sans slap. Lucy’s striking bone structure and gorgeous almond eyes take the spotlight as gives the camera a wry smile whilst decked out in her cute Victoria’s Secret gym gear. And she’s got the face of an Angel to go with it…

Eva Longoria with no makeup on

26) Eva Longoria Without Makeup

The 40-year-old starlet went bare-faced in a behind-the-scenes snap from Cannes, 2015. The actress shared this selfie on her Instagram, as she chilled with supermodel Karlie Kloss in-between red carpets. She captioned, “Good morning and Bonjour from @karlieKloss in @lorealparisofficial #Cannes2015 #BecauseWeCannes #IHaveNoMakeupOnYet”

She sure woke up like this…

Candice Swanepoel with no make up on

27) Candice Swanepoel Without Makeup

When you’re one of the most beautiful women in the world, its no problem posing without make up, right? Right. The South African supermodel took this rather intimate no make up selfie in bed, captioning it, ‘Morning London! Ready for a full day of transformation with @maxfactor.’ If we looked like that pre make up we’d be snapping pictures of ourselves in bed every morning…

Jourdan Dunn' without make up

28) Jourdan Dunn Without Makeup 

The supermodel proves that she always looks flawless, posting an early morning make-up free selfie from the comfort of her bed. We’re not jealous. Much.

Suki Waterhouse without any makeup on

29) Suki Waterhouse Without Makeup

Cool girl Suki is definitely not one to take herself too seriously and she uploaded this adorable snap pouting in bed, looking fresh faced and gorgeous – what a cutie!

Sofia Vergara with no makeup on

30) Sofia Vergara Without Makeup

As you can see from this sunbathing selfie, Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara is just as gorgeous without cosmetics. In fact, we actually think she looks younger. Not jealous at all…

31) Holly Willoughby Without Makeup

holly willoughby no makeup

Holly Willoughby without make-up

What better time to give your skin a break from make-up than during a holiday? The This Morning presenter decided to show off her pretty freckles with a bare-faced selfie on Insatagram during her recent vaycay, and doesn’t she look gorgeous?

32) Made In Chelsea’s Nicola Hughes Without Makeup

Freckle face ☺️

A photo posted by Nicola Hughes (@nicolamhughes) on

The Made In Chelsea beauty gave us a rare glimpse of her gorgeous freckles as she stripped back her make-up to reveal her natural beauty and untamed eyebrows on Instagram. Pretty lady!

33) Adele Without Makeup

Adele without makeup

The British singer might be known for her flawless feline flick and love of a red lip, but you know what? She looks just as striking without that signature eyeliner. The mum-of-one shared this candid snap of herself working a totally bare face (and some fierce brows) on Instagram, proving she’s just as beautiful make-up free.