The Skincare Range Everyone’s Been Loving

The new Caudalie Vinosource range has been ticking all of my skincare need boxes recently, especially now the weather is warming and skin needs more hydration.

But it’s not just me who’s in love with the range – a few more fans have been smitten too.

Caudalie has put the new range through its paces with a real women tester panel and the results have been outstanding – although not surprising for such expert products!

Created to deliver an extra-sensory experience, the thirst-quenching organic grape water protects, soothes and hydrates while other botanical ingredients such as lemon tree leaf, cucumber water and fresh mint refresh and enliven.

Testers using the Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet reported how soft and smooth their skin felt after use – one of the reasons why I liked this product so much – and it’s no wonder as this this product features the soothing magic of 100% organic grape water.



When it comes to the sensory experience of skincare products, scent and texture means everything.

The Caudalie testers loved how light and fast-absorbing the product textures were and how easily they glided onto skin leaving it beautifully refreshed and more relaxed. The aroma also won testers over as many reported how it perked up their spirits.

Skincare that proves itself in the lab and on real people’s skin is worth taking notice of – and even better if it’s powered by natural, organic ingredients and doesn’t break the bank.

With 100 per cent of testers saying they would recommend these products to a friend, that’s one recommendation I’d gladly take.

Check out their full Vinosource range of hydrating moisturisers and grape water at