Cara Delevingne Ditches Her Blonde Do And Joins The Dark Side

And pulls it off, obviously

We’d gotten so used to seeing Cara with her pixie blonde crop that we couldn’t even picture her without it. The star decided to shave her head a while back and then bleach it, and ever since she’s been rocking a signature style.

So, imagine our surprise when she posted an Insta vid with a new and improved dark brown do. In the clip she’s holding a box full of her new book Mirror Mirror, which is finally available to buy in the UK and pre-order in America.

It's finally here!! Can't wait for you all in the UK to get yours too. Pre-order is still available in the US.

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While the announcement of her book is exciting, it’s her hair we’re looking at! Yep, she’s officially ditched the platinum and has gone dark brown. Genuinely, we nearly didn’t recognise her.

Is this the end of the bleached blonde obsession? Honestly, we’re not sure but lately we’ve seen a few blonde-to-brown transitions and with winter around the corner, it does feel like the time is now.

Clearly she’s ditched the scissors and isn’t cutting it any more, so we’re wondering if she’s decided to grow her buzz cut out and go back to her longer locks, which we kinda miss.

One thing is for sure, she manages to pull off every single style and colour in the book. We are 100% certain we would not look so fly with a shaved head, or a crop for that matter.

We are very interested to see what crazy change she decides to do next, but for the moment it’s bye, bye blonde Cara.