Cannes Film Festival: Meet The Man Behind The Manicures!

Cannes Film Festival has had us lusting after the A-list’s flawless manicures, so we grabbed time in-between nail polish coats with Tom Bachik, L’Oréal Paris Celebrity Hair & Make-up Stylist, and the man behind the celebs’ perfect talons, to find out what and how he’s been treating the celeb’s nails…


LOOK: So Tom, what’s the process for organising something as big as the Cannes Film Festival?

Tom: We start with a schedule, which is manic as we can have between two and six different celebrities at a time, it’s a real team effort though. Between hair, make-up, stylists and the L’Oreal team we always make it work!

LOOK: Who have you worked with at this year’s festival?

Tom: Everyone! Eva Longoria, Julianne Moore, Cheryl Cole and Freida Pinto are just some of the faces.

LOOK: What looks and big trends do you predict to come out of Cannes?

Tom: Nails are definitely more chic, focusing on a more classy look with nudes and reds. We’re currently launching Color Riche Collection Privee, it’s made up of six nude shades that people have loved. Watch this space, but it’ll inspire people to try different nudes and be excited by something so classic.

LOOK: Do you predict anything else new for nails?

Tom: The season is certainly less about nail art and more about nail finishes. Nail polish is so glossy now thanks to new technology. I think we’ll be seeing polishes so shiny they look like crushed gemstones. How amazing does that sound?

LOOK: Are you always on hand for last-minute nail emergencies?

Tom: Oh yes, always! Anything from beads to hairpins can ruin a manicure in seconds. I’ve painted nails as women are walking down the corridor of their hotel, literally about to step onto the red carpet. Sometimes the nails are wet but you’d never know!

LOOK: What products do you recommend for getting that perfect red carpet look?

Tom: The red carpet look isn’t just about colour, it’s about perfect skin, cuticles and shine. I use L’Oreal Paris Color Riche, £4.99, to get the glossiest nails and then I also plump skin with L’Oreal Youth Code Moisturizer, £14.99. It’s meant for the face but is ideal for the hands – plumping lines, evening out skintone and increasing cell renewal.

L’Oréal Paris is the official make-up artist of the Cannes Film Festival.  For more information visit

 By Poppy Lara, 22nd May 2013

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