Cannes Film Festival: Celeb Hair Secrets From The Pros

If, like us, you haven’t been able to take your eyes off the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival, you’ll be wanting to know what the celebs have been using to look so glam. Well, you’re in luck! We grabbed five minutes with Stephane Lancien, L’Oréal Paris’s international hair artist, who’s been tonging, backcombing and blow-drying the A-list for the last week, to get all the insider info.

How do you plan a final hair look?

Stephane: I always attend the first dress fitting with the stylist – that’s where the magic begins. We look at the dress, then go from there to decide what vision we want to create as a team. I always bring reference pictures with me to portray ideas I’ve got, but it’s down to the celeb at the end of the day – I’m just there for inspiration.

What’s your hero product in your styling kit?

Stephane: L’Oréal Studio Line Silk And Gloss Fixing Mousse, £3.65 – it’s amazing! I need to be able to work quickly and be flexible if there are hair changes, and this product gives amazing volume and body without making hair stiff and glue-like, like most mousses.

Do you have any hair rituals you like to do before a big event like Cannes?

Stephane: If my client’s hair is seriously damaged by heat or travelling, I like to use L’Oréal’s Elvive Extrodinary Oil, £9.99, as a pre-treatment. It nourishes, softens and gives hair amazing shine!

What products will hold the style all night long?

Stephane: Elnett Hairspray, £6.49. It’s the last thing I apply before they get in the car. It gives hair amazing hold without it looking stiff. After that, if any bits fall out, then they fall out – it’ll just add to the beauty of the look.

L’Oréal Paris is the official make-up artist of the Cannes Film Festival.  For more information, visit

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By Samantha Freedman, 22 May 2013