Candice From Bake Off Is Going To Have A Lipstick Line

From baking queen to the beauty scene...

If you’ve been keeping up with Bake Off, there’s no way you’ll have missed Candice’s ever changing lippy. After being crowned the winner of the show thanks to a show stealing picnic hamper which won over judges Paul and Mary Berry, it seems as though cake making isn’t the only thing in the pipe line for Candice.

Alongside showing off her culinary talents, the teacher made sure she sported a different shade of lipstick each week and fans were quick to notice her impressive lipstick wardrobe. The Candice effect even went as far as increasing sales of lipsticks, with Debenhams saying they’d had an 21% increase in the demand for makeup since autumn last year.

Could this all be down to Candice’s chameleon lip? Well, makeup manager for Urban Decay Caron Keane told Stylist: “A lot of our customers are huge Bake Off Fans and they’ve been coming in all season to try to get the perfect Candice Lip.”

Seeing as she’s had such an effect on lipstick lovers (and perhaps even non lovers) across the UK it only seems right that Candice puts her name to some lipsticks, right? Well guys, our prayers have been answered because she is apparently already in discussion about launching her very own lipstick line!

Considering this would basically be combining two of our favourite things baking and makeup we are naturally very excited. However, unfortunately we can’t confirm whether the range will actually come to life or if it’s just a very cool idea, because Candice has refused to spill the beans, and wont comment on whether the rumors are true or false. Boo.

We’re already imaging the lipstick line, each shade would have a bake themed name (duh) and they could have little cakes on the packaging. We’re getting overexcited, we know. We just hope it happens, our fingers are crossed, Candice.