Can Your Favourite Lipstick Reveal Where You Come From?

Making a statement with lipstick – that’s nothing new, but might your favourite shade be revealing more than you realised? Like your hometown, for example? According to a new study, yes, it can!

Researchers at Heathrow airport – if anyone’s going to the see the lipsticks of women far and wide first hand, we guess it’s them – have released their International Lipstick Colour of the Year report, which pinpoints the most popular shades in over 50 destinations around the world.

> Gwen Stefani favours the classic red loved by New Yorkers


Love a caramel nude a la Kate Moss? You’re likely to be a Londoner. Bright orange? Hello Dublin! But what of classic reds like Gwen Stefani’s signature? That’s a New York favourite, of course.

From Belfast to Bejing, the results from the survey have been mapped out in a pretty cool infographic, with a colour coded key that flags the best-loved lippy shade in most major cities.



While some shades overlap – women in both Edinburgh and Vienna for example all appear to favour a dark nude – others have come as a surprise. Thought a slick of chic red lippy was always the thing in Paris? Not anymore. The survey has analysed the best-selling lipstick shades from each area, and for Parisians, it’s all about dusky rose right now.

The lipstick report features a whole host of shades from sheer plum to deep mandarin, taking in every colour imaginable. But, there is a champion. The most popular colour across the whole of the world appears to be… drum roll please… pink!

From the dusky rose loved in Paris to the bright fuschia trending in Athens, shades of pink were the overall most popular lippy hue. Given its knack of flattering nearly every skintone, and being easier to wear than daunting pillarbox reds or nudes that can leave some complexions looking washed-out, we’re not too surprised.



To celebrate the report, Heathrow has commissioned sculpture artist Hedley Wiggan to craft miniature world landmarks from the most iconic lipstick shades, including Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty.

They’ll be on display at Terminal 5 for the next month, so if you’re passing through while jetting off on holiday, call in and take a look!


By Amy Lewis