Get Fuller Brows with This Crazy New Hack

A wig for your brows. Wait, what?

By now we’ve all realised that brows in 2017 are a BIG deal. With a rise in microblading, brow gels and all kinds of crazy new trends, keeping up with your brow game has just got even more important, especially for the girls who struggle to achieve the desired fuller brow look.


I’m sure we’ve all been there – it’s been a little too long since your last wax or thread, so you decide to take matters into your own hands and trust your loyal tweezers. Like most things that begin with good intentions, they never end well. After staring in horror at your newly sparse brows, you’re left in despair wondering what do to next, so enter the brow wig to make your brow game that little bit easier.

While eyebrow wigs have actually been around for a while, thanks to a little help from celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo, they are now actually a big deal and causing quite the stir on Instagram. Sure, none of us have our own personal makeup artist (we wish), but with a little bit of practice they’re easy enough to apply in your own home.

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As long as you invest in a good set which match your own brows well, with a little lash glue you’ll have fuller brows in no time! Best of all, they’ll save you the hassle of having to do your regular brow routine. All vanity aside, they are also being made for a really good cause for sufferers of hair loss from cancer treatments or illnesses like alopecia.

By Kelsey Dring