Brow News: Everything You Need To Know

Time to perfect those arches

Seens as the UK eyebrow market is worth whopping £20m with British women spending, on average, £200 a year on brow grooming (!!) we thought it might be worth filling you in (pun intended) on all the new brow news.

From the best brow products, to Benefit hitting the road, here’s all you need to know to perfect those arches…

New Brow Buys

Best For: Natural looking colour
SUQQU Framing Eyebrow Liquid Pen in Moss Green, £20 Nope we’re not crazy! Hair naturally has a khaki undertone to it, meaning this shade seamlessly blends in.

Best For: Precision
Laura Mercier Sketch Intensify Brow Duo, £20 Helping you to shape like a pro.

Best For: Taming Unruly Brows
3INA The Eyebrow Mascara, £8.95 Perfect for girls on-the-go

Best For: Filling in the gaps
Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder, £5.99 For when you’ve over plucked or for that annoying space that just won’t grow.

Best For: Faking Fullness
Toppik Brow Building Fibers Set £16.95 Clever technology that locks on to your hairs to make brows appear fuller.

Benefit’s Hitting The Road

Benefit Cosmetics is on mission to transform the nation’s brows, with the launch of UK’s first ever “BrowMobile.” For three months only, the Benefit BrowMobile will be hitting the road, ready to wax, map, tint, shape and style! No matter how remote your area, all you have to do is sign up on the Benefit Cosmetics UK Facebook page and tell them where you live and why you deserve a brow visit. Winners will be chosen based on their answers. Good luck!