Brow Carving Is The Latest Eyebrow Trend Taking Over Instagram

A new day brings a new trend...

So it looks like the original ‘Instagram brow’ is out… because if this latest eyebrow trend is anything to go by, it’s time to swap your brow gel for eyeshadow.

While statement brows have long been about, recently we’ve seen the eyebrow trends taken to a whole different level. First it was feathers, and then the wild barbed wire brow, but now it’s the turn of brow carving to have its moment in the spotlight. And, wowzah…

Originally created by make-up artist Alexa Link who first tried out the eyebrow trend back in April, the look has now gone viral, thanks to her latest bronzier look. To perfect the eyebrow trend, Alexa used eyeliner for definition around the brow arch, followed by super pigmented eyeshadows, which have been blended out to make the finished look a little less harsh.

Sounds complicated? Have no fear! Anyone can try it by using just a few eyeshadows, some concealer and a blending brush to give the smoky eye effect. With this technique, you can be as subtle or bold as you like, with make-up artist Dani Roberts offering up a more natural alternative.

For those wanting to be a bit more daring, more make-up artists have now followed the trend, and added some glitter and dots for good measure. With festival season fast approaching, glitter is always a good idea to spice up a look for a little extra fun. As well as the brow carving, make-up artist Taylor Baker has added glitter to the inner corner, a new alternative to simple highlight.

If actual brow art is more your thing, make-up artist Hollie Uilani Jackson has offered another alternative, using dotted eyeliner to carver the brow, rather than just the standard line. She’s even teemed it with dotted eyeliner on her upper lash line for extra effect, and an oh so sixties vibe.

I mean, we’re not sure this is a look that’s gonna catch on for everyday. But y’know. Everyone loves an insta-trend and for festivals, it could be fun! What do you reckon? Tweet us @lookmagazine

By Kelsey Dring