Brighten Up Your Weekend With YSL’s Couture Palette

If this dreary Feb weather has you feeling all grey then worry not, we have a lovely little beauty fix for you to ensure that you have a much brighter weekend.

The ultimate little treat in a box comes in the form of YSL’s Couture Palette, which offers seriously sophisticated colour effects to create the most amazing eye colour. With not one or two but FIVE colours in one palette to wear in any number of combinations, you will be able to create exactly the right look for you. So whether you are heading out on the town or are after a more neutral day look, you will be able to create exactly what suits with this little dream.

The colours were created to celebrate the exotic wonders of Yves Saint Laurent – five invitations to far away places, under the sun. Inspired by a fiery sun and the gleam of twilight over the savannah, sacred dust echoes in safari tones, these lovely colours are all designed to bring sunshine straight into your make-up bag. Now doesn’t that sound lovely?

Make-up artist Lloyd Simmonds has taught us exactly how to use the palette so just follow this super simple tip:

‪“To ensure perfect hold for a signature look, I prepare the eye area with a little Touche Éclat and then line the eye with Dessin Du Regard and blend to add density to the lashes and intensify the eyes. I then apply eye shadow using the large applicator with a tapping motion to press and fix the colour into the Touche Éclat base, then smooth and blend with a brush. I then repeat, layering one colour over another, from darkest to intensify, to lightest to illuminate, creating a three-dimensional effect.“‬

So there you have it – the perfect little weekend treat! Watch our Payday Video to see what other little gems we are after.

By Amy de Klerk