This Website Sells Everything For $3

The shopping game is about to be changed...

Everybody loves a beauty bargain, and we’re the first ones to jump at a beauty sale, but have you noticed how branded stuff always costs more.

Well, a new website called has decided to ditch the labels and start selling the essentials we need for £3.

No, that’s not the cheapest thing on there – that’s everything. Every single thing on the site is £3. And it’s not just beauty items, they’ve got loads of other stuff like pens, pasta and cleaning spray.

They manage to sell everything so ridiculously cheap because they’ve got rid of the ‘brand tax’. You wont find any labels you recognise.

Tina Sharkey, the CEO and co-founder realised that no one was selling unbranded items and that customers were paying 40% more for branded products, and a whopping 370% more for beauty products. Yikes.

But why do we all seem to be happy spending so much more on big brands? For starters, we are exposed to them all the time and we trust brands that we know and have used before.

It doesn’t matter how cheap it is, if the product doesn’t do what it says on the tin, people wont buy it. But Brandless promises that their products maintain the highest quality.

None of the cosmetics on their site are tested on animals and sustainable sourcing has been used wherever possible.

Their ingredients are all listed in plain English so that consumers know exactly what they’re getting and there’s no confusion that these products are different from the branded ones.

Another huge contributor to customer costs is the rent that most shops have to pay. Brandless is online only which helps save more money.

Unfortunately the website is only available to people living in the US, but it seems like things might be changing. With living costs in London being so high more and more people are searching for unbranded, cheaper options.

In other words, watch this space. A UK Brandless may be on the way…