Brace Your Bank Accounts, Because You Can Now Shop MAC On ASOS

*Spends all future A-List vouchers on Mineralize Skinfinish*

It’s time to stock up on Ruby Woo and Velvet Teddy, because ASOS has officially started stocking MAC. This is even more exciting than when they launched their own eponymous make-up line, or their own activewear collection.

As of yesterday, well over 600 of MACs products were added to the site, from the best MAC lipstick shades to Prep + Prime to Mineralize Skinfinish, every shade of eyeshadow under the sun and every make-up tool you could ever ask for.

And with their new(ish) ‘Try Before You Buy‘ feature, what more could you ask for when your beauty arsenal needs a top-up?

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Unsurprisingly, many of the newly-added MAC products have already gone out of stock (personally, I was hoping to get a large brush roll, but that ship has sailed).

And in our eyes, the best bit is that we put our ASOS A-List vouchers towards new MAC purchases – and earn points on our buys, too. Yaaaaaaas!

Consider any hopes you had of saving money this payday well and truly gone…