We Bet You Didn’t Know *This* About Your Bra Size

Think you know what size your boobs are? Well, you could be wrong.

It turns out that the average Brit woman changes bra size SIX times in her life, meaning you may be in need of a trip to M&S for a fitting.

Not only that, but your measurements reportedly all depend on what part of the country you’re from. Yep, really…

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According to The Great British Bra Survey, ladies in the North West are boasting the most voluptuous chests.

So if you’re from Cheshire, Manchester or Lancashire you’ll be averaging a DD. North East girls average a B cup while those in Wales and the Midlands are doing it for the C cup.

Scotland’s average size has gone down from a 38DD to a 36DD. But in general, Britain’s average has risen from a 36C to 36DD.

But it’s not only your location that’ll affect your assets.

The results of the survey seem to show that women born in the first three months of the year are more likely to average an E cup, while those born in April average a B.


We’re not quite sure how this works, but those with June, July and November birthdays generally have a D to DD cup, with all other months wearing Cs.

Black is our favourite colour for lingerie, partially because it makes us feel ‘sexy’, and we own an average of eight bras. However, 60% of us like to go au naturel from time to time.

Well, it is pretty freeing.

40% of the participants said they don’t wear specialised sports bras when exercising, even though breasts can bounce up to 14cm during exercise.

And worryingly, fit was apparently the least important thing when buying a new bra. Only 5% of the ladies polled said they choose their underwear based on this (pretty important) factor.

So it’s not much of a surprise that one in eight women are wearing the wrong size.



Nicola Rodney-Crook – managing director of Bras and Honey – tells the Daily Mail: ‘An average woman will change bra size six times in her life.

‘So while it’s important to ensure that we review the bra market on a regular basis, we also have a responsibility to help educate women at the same time.

‘For example, not many women know that their bra size will fluctuate throughout the month, let alone throughout the year.’

There’s more to it than you’d think, isn’t there?