Now You Can Find Out Which Shape Of Boobs You Have

We all know our bra size, right? But are you aware of your boob SHAPE?

Every lady’s assets are different. So it makes sense that, if we can decipher our shape, picking out the right bras will become that little bit easier.

Well, good news! Thanks to the clever people at lingerie brand ThirdLove, we now know exactly what type of boobies we have.

They’ve come up with a clever Breast Shape Dictionary. Trust us, underwear shopping is about to become a whole lot easier. See below to work out which shape you are…


Equally full at the top and bottom.



As your boobs are naturally shaped, you don’t need bras with any particular structure or padding. Lucky thing.

East West

Nipples pointing outward.



T-shirt bras will be ideal for you, as they help to bring the breasts together.

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Side Set

Wide space between breasts.



Plunge bras will give you a bit more cleavage.


One breast larger than the other.



Don’t worry! Most women’s boobs are a little asymmetric.

It’s not normally noticeable, but if you do feel the need to even them up, pick a bra with removable padding. Clever, eh?


Thin breasts, nipples pointing downward.



Slenders are generally small in size, so you’ll probably want to try a padded bra. Every little helps.

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Bell Shape

Slimmer at the top, fuller at the bottom.




These are similar to slender boobs, but usually a little larger. Make sure you choose something with lots of support.

Tear Drop

Round but slightly less full at the top.



This is the most versatile of breast shape, so you’ll suit most lingerie. Hmmm, what to choose…?