What Happens When Eyebrow Tattooing Goes Very Wrong

For high-maintenance girls like us, there’s nothing worse than having your eyebrows go wrong.

Tweezing, filling in and highlighting all takes time. But we feel so much better when we know we’re heading out for the day with strong brows.

So spare a thought for 20-year-old Tyne, who ended up dealing with a huge disaster after getting permanent tattoos to replace her plucked-out hairs.

Tyne showed viewers her pre-tattoo brows


As a 00s kid, Tyne – who appeared on last night’s Bodyshockers – was a big fan of skinny eyebrows. Hey, weren’t we all?

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But when this look started to become less popular, she decided that she needed a bit of help to give her brows a boost. So at 15, she opted for ink.

While it’s illegal to get a tattoo until the age of 18, the artist went ahead with the procedure anyway.


Unfortunately for Tyne, when her natural hair started to grow back, she realised she’d been branded in the wrong place. This left her with an unsightly ‘quad’ brow.

She says: ‘My eyebrows are horrendous. I have my natural set and then tattooed eyebrows above. One is higher and thicker than the other, one is thicker, one is thinner.

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‘I am stuck with four eyebrows. They are the biggest mistake I have ever done in my life. I am willing to go through anything to get a natural look.’


Tyne is now undergoing painful (and expensive) laser surgery to remove the brows, which could take up to nine separate treatments.

She continues: ‘It is a nightmare. I spend £150 a month buying different products to cover it up, it costs a fortune.

‘I will be glad to see the back of my double eyebrows. I will go through whatever I need to do remove them.’