This High-Street Moisturiser Sells Out Every 18 Seconds

And It's super affordable too!

It is finally summer, which means sitting out in the warmer weather and catching some rays. Hoorah! But as our skin becomes exposed to the sun and cool air conditioning, it can easily become dehydrated. Because of this, it is super important to keep it moisturised throughout the summer months. Because who wants dry, dull skin?

So if you are on the hunt for a great moisturiser to keep your dry skin woes at bay this summer, look no further as there is a high street moisturiser that everybody is talking about at the moment! According to Byrdie it is even selling one every 18 seconds world-wide (now that’s impressive) and is really affordable too.

The cream in question? It is The Body Shop’s Classic Vitamin E Moisture Cream, and it is just £13!

It is a lightweight facial day moisturiser that easily absorbs into the skin, suitable for all skin types and will ensure all day hydration. What makes it even more beneficial is it is formulated with vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, shea butter and aloe vera which promises to keep your skin looking radiant and soft. It also promises 48 hours of hydration – which is pretty hard to beat!

We recommend using after cleansing and toning to banish any dry areas and keep your skin hydrated as you go about your day! As the weather gets warmer, a thick layer of foundation is more likely to clog your pores so why not try mixing your day cream in with a couple of drop of your foundation to create your own tinted moisturiser? You will still get a bit of coverage and will ensure your skin stays hydrated throughout the day.

The bestselling cream has also had a limited edition makeover by Eley Kishimoto so not only does it work well, but it also will look great in your bathroom cabinet!

If you are after a great, yet affordable day moisturiser why not give this a try! After all, if it’s loved world-wide it must be good!

By Emma Hull