Blurred Lips Are The New Way To Fake Fuller A Full Pout

If you’re constantly striving for ways to make your lips look fuller, then you’re going to love the new blurred lips trend.

Blurred lips, we hear you cry? Whaaaa? Well, it kind of does what it says on the tin.

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blurred lips trend Instagram: @bellattitu2


By blurring the edges of your lips, you create the illusion of fuller pout – so lip pencils are definitely out.

And because it requires minimal effort, this cool girl lip will save you tonnes of time in the morning too. ALWAYS a plus.

So, how do you do it?

blurred lips Instagram: @smashboxcosmetics


Start by applying a light layer of concealer around the edges of your lips to blend them in with your skin.

Then, apply your favourite lip colour to the centre your lips, being careful to avoid the edges.

Next, gently press a little more colour into your lips with your fingertips, tapping your way towards your lip line to achieve that blurry, ombre effect.  

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blurred lips trend Instagram: @smashboxcosmetics


See? Easy as pie. And as you can see, the results are seriously cool.

We think we’ve found our new favourite lip trend…