Blood Face Cream Is A New (Gross) Thing, Guys

Vampire facials have a new angle

We’ve come round to the idea of putting snail slime on our faces and aren’t completely grossed out by donkey milk Korean masks but blood? Yeah, we’re still out.

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Hollywood, however, are very much into using red cells to pump some youth into their skin. Remember when Kim Kardashian shared a pic of herself getting a Vampire Facial? The brains behind that procedure have now come up with a brand new way of harnessing blood as a beauty treatment.

Kim Kardashian loved her Vampire Facial (we think)

kim kardashian facia;

Orthopedic physician Dr. Barbara Sturm has come up with MC1, a bio-enhanced moisturizer made using the proteins found in blood. According to studies, the rejuvenating proteins found in blood can help to reverse signs of aging. And cytokines (blood proteins that stimulate immune responses) help to reduce inflammation.

Each tub is personal and eye-wateringly expensive. For around $1,400 you can have your very own pot of magical MC1 blood cream! The process involves drawing a small amount of blood from your arm, which is then sealed in a bio-container. A Week later your jar of MC1, packed with all of your blood proteins, will arrive.

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Ashley Weatherford wrote on The Cut said, “My skin looked smoother, better-rested, and healthier. Sometimes makeup settles into the tiny lines under my eyes and around my mouth. With MC1, I noticed, my makeup settled less. Was my face smoother thanks to the collagen-stimulating growth factors? It certainly seemed like it.”


Interesting. A smoother, more youthful face if we drop a casual £1K and smoother our chops in our own blood proteins?

MC1 takes your own blood and uses it in a moisturiser

Yeah, we’re still out.

Instead we’ll be channeling the lovely Lucy Mecklenburgh who last week took to Instagram to hit back at haters. One of the ex-TOWIE babe’s followers slated the star’s laughter lines, to which Lucy responded with a sassy selfie saying…

Go Lucy! We would choose sass over bloody creams any day.

By Ellen Kerry