Blonde Ambition: Bleach Like A Pro

Hands up who wants to Kim Kardashian their tresses? Oh that’s right, EVERYONE is limbering up to be brave with blonde right now. But before you jump onto the fair maiden band wagon, be warned. Blonde hair is high maintenance, both in its creation and the aftercare requirements. It’s a bit like dating a bad boy, ahem, Kayne, ahem. If don’t treat it right, a big break is on the cards – mainly when your lightened strands split or snap clean off. Boo. But praise the lords that bought us Kim K in all her glory, ‘cause here’s our go blonde mini masterclass. You. Are. Welcome.

In Salon Demands

Jordan Garrett, Session Stylist at Daniel Hersheson, reveals how to control your colour.

1. Be realistic – if you have dark hair nine times out of ten it’s going to be a long process. Lifting too quickly could turn darker locks into a burnt orange rather than a pretty platinum. Coarse hair owners will see the bleach take much quicker, in about 20 – 30 minutes, while oilier, finer haired ladies may need up to 45 mins. Lighter haired women will see quicker results too of course.

2. Be bespoke – everyone’s blondes will be slightly different. It’s great to reference Kim, Sienna and Karlie, but how fair you can go is individual. A good colourist will be honest with you about what works and what doesn’t. They’ll check the colour when the bleach is on, then carefully using the right amount of toner while you’re having it washed off as well. All these variants will give you your own unique shade.

3. Be skin tone aware – chat to your colourist about what will warm up your face and what will wash you out. There are so many options as you work through all the variants from platinum and vanilla to caramel and honey so finding the perfect hue is actually kind of fun.

Your Hair Homework

Post-salon it’s down to you to show your locks some serious love. Here are our top tress TLC for all your blonde needs…

Daily…wash, condition and blow with Bleach Silver Shampoo, £5, and Wella Elements Leave In Spray Conditioner, £13.95, to cling on to colour and protect.

Wella Elements Leave In Spray Conditioner


Weekly…layer up your locks with Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Violet Mask, £7.95, wrap in cling film and then sleep on it to hydrate your hair to within a strand of its life.

Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Violet Mask


Twice Monthly…Use a KC Professional Color Mask in Caramel, Vanilla or Honey, £12.95, to deeply nourish while reviving your color. We like blending a few together, for a natural sunkissed effect.

KC Professional Color Mask in Caramel


Whenever…if things get brittle or bad, reach for Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair, £13.56, and troubleshoot strand cuticle fraying.



Carly Hobbs