These Bloggers Are Photographing 1,000 Women’s Bums For A Great Reason

They're trying to stop women from hating their bodies, essentially

Two photographers from Montreal are on a mission to try and get women to love themselves a bit more. Yep they’re setting out to celebrate women’s beauty, diversity and bodies – by photographing one thousand (and one) women’s bums.


Okay it sounds pretty odd, but stick with us. Emilie Mercier and Frédérique Marseille – who are childhood friends turned photographers have started their own blog, to showcase their ‘1001 Fesses’ project.

(Fess being a slang word for bum in French, just FYI)

The pair explained on their blog that the concept is to celebrate ‘the beauty of the female form in an attempt to address a widespread obsession: hating our backsides’

‘We have seen our bodies change from childhood to adulthood and this intimacy in our friendship made us think: why not collect pictures of all kinds of bums?’

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‘Maybe we would discover how crazy it is to hate our own bodies and simply see how unique each and every woman is. And, this way, start loving ourselves a little bit better.’

Their hope is to compile all 1,001 photos into a book. However, they have been met with some criticisms along the way. Facebook has banned their pages, calling it ‘pornographic content’ (puh-lease) whilst the women have also received criticism over their subjects mainly being young white women.

‘Some people have been criticising the fact that most of the models who have already participated are in there twenties and caucasian. This is not a choice, we just wish more and more women will wish to participate!’

We think anything that celebrates and represents women’s bodies in a positive way is a good thing. Hurrah 1001 Fesses.