Blake Lively rocking the red carpet for the Age of Adaline Movie Premier

Blake Lively’s Hairstylist Reveals How To Get Her Hair

Since Blake Lively appeared on our TV screens in Gossip Girl she has been our number one girl crush. With those seriously long legs, her flawless complexion, that wardrobe, and those tumbling golden locks. Unfortunately we don’t have the wonder product to magic you a pair of her pins, but we do have her hairstylists, Rod Ortega’s top tips for creating all her wonder hair looks. From tumbling curls to sleek and straight, read on and you too can have locks that rival Ms Lively for three days straight…wahoo!

How To Have Blake Lively Hair…

Day 1: The Red Carpet Ready Waves

Step 1: Start by blow drying damp hair using T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer, £195 and a round brush.

Step 2: When your hair is completely dry split it into two inch sections, and curl using the T3 Body Waver, £125. Curl hair around the barrel in the same direction, away from the face.

Step 3: When your curls have cooled throw your hair upside down and brush out the waves using a paddle brush.

Step 4: Make a deep side parting and French braid the hair towards the back of the head, and secure with bobby pins.

Step 5: Finish with a sprtiz of L’Oreal Paris Elnett Hairspray, £4.20.

Blake Lively second day hair look Blake on The Good Morning America TV show


Day 2: The Day Time Pin-Up

Step 1: With your waves in place from the night before, you shouldn’t need to do much more, to give a little boost use the T3 Single Pass Iron, £125, to help create tighter curls for a ‘swirly’ effect.

Step 2: Brush any curls that look like ringlets out with your fingers.

Step 3: Finish off by taking the front section of hair, twist it up and back into a circle, then pin it to the crown of the head.

Blake Lively day three hairstyle Blake went sleek and straight for The Tonight Show


Day 3: The Sexy, Sleek, Straight Look

Step 1: Your curls most probably won’t last a full three days, so on the third day it’s time to go straight. Prep hair with a heat protector, [LOOK recommends] Pantene Pro-V’s Perfect Hydration UV Protective Spray, £6.99.

Step 2: Then take two inch sections of hair, comb it through, then use T3 SinglePass Flat Iron, £125 to get the sleekest finish.

Step 3: Spray with a shine enhancing hairspray. We love, Redken Diamond Oil High Shine Airy Mist, £11.05.