How To Steal Blake Lively’s Heart-Shaped Hair ‘Do

It’s an adorable half-up alternative

When Blake Lively hosted the Galentine’s Day L’Oreal event, the blonde babe went all out. As well as wearing a cute heart-print dress, Blake twisted her long locks into the sweetest heart half-up ‘do! She was invested in that love-theme.

blake lively

From the front Blake’s hair looked like a sleek but simple half-up hairstyle, giving no indication of the wonder that was happening behind.

Heart-shaped hair looks super cute

Rather than a bun or clip holding her hair in place, the strands had been teased, twisted and then pinned into a large heart.

We’ve broken her heart (lol) down into 4 steps…

Pull hair into a half-up ‘do then separate this into two and secure with an elastic. This should leave you with two mini ponytails.

Happy Valentines Day ❤💋

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Twirl one pony so the tail is twisted. Using grips, create the half heart shape by placing the twist in a wide, curled semi-circle. This is the top and side of your half heart. Do the same on the other side.

Blake Lively is our Valentine’s Day dream

Bring the two ends together to make the point of the heart then secure.

Use a wand to wave the rest of your hair.

Et voila! Now find someone to take you on a romantic date so you can show off your hard work.