Blake Lively Reveals Unlikely Beauty Dos And Don’ts

Blake Lively. Flawless skin, shiny locks, banging bod… What more could you want?  Despite having a (no doubt equally beautiful) bun in the oven with hubby Ryan Reynolds, the actress has been giving us all the #BeautyGoals. But apparently it’s not as easy as it looks.

Speaking to Vogue UK, Blake admitted that she struggles to keep up a routine: “You know, I feel like TSA makes it really hard to have good beauty when you travel, because of the whole restriction thing.

> Blake affirms that soap, a good moisturiser and effective make-up remover are key to a good beauty regime



“All the stuff I love – my pots of creams, my shampoos, my conditioners and all that, you have to put them in the little containers and hope the containers don’t explode… So I’m going to petition for L’Oréal to make an Extraordinary Oil that is travel-sized. They should do a full travel-sized version of everything. I feel like TSA is really C-blocking it, I don’t understand.”


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And those perfect pores? Not as high maintenance as we’d imagined…


Blake added: “I wish I had a better skincare regime… I always want to say I have a good one.

> Blake wore a floor-length blue Versace gown to an event at Cannes Film Festival




“When I come to Cannes, L’Oréal has every product I could ever need. And they’re great, and my skin is so nice and soft and supple and clean and lovely… and then I go home and I just like, wash my face with hotel soap because it’s all I can find. But I like having a good moisturiser, especially at night, and cleaning your make-up off your face is the most important thing.

“I’ve broken out every time I’ve had a facial. I’ve done it about four times in my life and every time I’ve ended up looking like a Saturday Night Live sketch for middle school puberty skin.”

Hard to believe, we know. Either way, we can’t help but feel a teeny bit pleased that Beauty Queen Blake is no stranger to a soap slip, nor that she emerges from a facial looking a lot like a volcano ready to erupt. Soz…