The Bath Bomb That People Are *Obsessed* With

When you think of using a relaxing bath bomb, a particular image tends to come to mind.

Candles, flower petals and pastel-coloured foaming, delicate bubbles are our typical bath bomb goals.

But this new pamper night essential is turning the game on its head and switching glitter for gothic.

The Internet has fallen in * love * with a slightly creepy (yet totally mesmerising) bath bomb, which turns your bath water jet black.

Instagram: @toxicbitchcraft

No bubbles, no swirls, just dark-as-night water – it’s pretty hardcore stuff.

The appropriately named Black Soul bomb dissolves in your water and swiftly transforms your bath from typical to Transylvanian.

Our teenage selves are * buzzing * to channel Paramore’s Monster music video!

A video of the bath bomb in action has now gone viral, being viewed over a million times.

We’re definitely not surprised – there’s something SO satisfying about watching the black beauty work its dark magic.

Want to know the best bit? It’s sold by alternative Belfast boutique Bella Muerte for the bargain price of £3. Yep, THREE POUNDS.

As well as this, Bella Muerte also sell red ‘Bloodbath’ and green ‘Serpent’ bath bombs. Oooh, so, spooky!

Instagram: @bella_muerteclothing

According to the product description, the black bath bomb will not stain your skin or bath and they smell ah-mazing.

As expected, since stepping into the viral video spotlight, it’s become * insanely * in demand.

Instagram: @toxicbitchcraft

As a result, it’s out of stock until 18th July, but is available for pre-order. Phew.

For anyone looking for the opportunity to turn their teenage gothic dreams into a reality, we highly recommend getting your orders in as these are bound to be snapped up super quick!

By Catherine Delves