This Bikini Selfie Has Gone Viral For The *Best* Reason

One very inspiring lady took to Reddit to share a very important moment in her life. And the reaction deserves nothing but applause. 

User NotWhatYouPlanted decided to post a summer holiday bikini selfie. But it wasn’t out of vanity or to showcase how on-trend her swimwear was, it was, in fact, a brave step towards recovery following a string of heart surgeries. 

And it soon went viral. 

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She captioned her snap: “I know selfies aren’t ok, but I am so proud that I finally felt confident enough to wear a bikini instead of hiding my scar.”

> Image: Reddit


Firstly, selfies are always okay in our book. And secondly, we’re completely admiring this girl right now. 

It just gets better when you read the responses. Racking up almost 1,000 comments, users were quick to offer their support and adoration. 

One user wrote ‘I can honestly say, I didn’t see the scar until after I read the title’ and another said ‘seriously, you’re beautiful, no one is going to care about your scar.’

Another stand-out remark reads: ‘Agreed. All I saw was this beautiful woman with the prettiest smile. :)’

Others decided to share their own stories, with one commenter revealing: ‘My wife has a big scar on her abdomen. I don’t even know it’s there.’

According to Her, she has previously spoken out about the incredible response that her snap has sparked, saying: “Thanks for all your kind words! Since many are asking, the scar is a result of 4 open-heart surgeries. I also have another big one that goes sideways across my ribs and reaches around to my back. There are also smaller scars from chest tubes, etc. You can see 1 in the photo.”

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The original post was uploaded 2 years ago, but the message is as inspiring today as ever. A flood of body-positive stories have been building momentum across the world wide web, and we say the more the better. 

It’s time to stop shaming. And finally the message is being heard. 

By Laura Jane Turner