Bi-Phase Make-Up Remover: Your New Hero Beauty Buy!

The same ingredients that give our mascaras, eye liners, cheek stains and lipsticks staying power (namely fats, oils and waxes) also make it a daily mission to remove. Cue bi-phase make-up remover; the beauty staple make-up artists swear by.

It’s pretty simple really; the so-called phases are water and oil. The nourishing oil dissolves stubborn make-up and the water bit helps to rinse away the oil so you’re not left with a slippery, greasy sheen.

Just about every major beauty brand has jumped on the bi-phase bandwagon, but Nurture Bi-Phase Makeup Remover and Elemis White Flowers Eye And Lip Make-Up Remover are by far our favourites, and the best bit is they won’t break the bank either – yay!

y Charlotte Jolly

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